Even Better

Today was too good to be true.  Warm sun, no wind (not even a breeze), and great customers.

We went north to get the best possible conditions for four picture takers and videographers.  David W. from Dennis was doing still shots.  Paul Savageau was using video, as were The Captain and I.  Joe Finkhouse was sight-seeing as was Jacki K.   Peter and Pat were the remaining crew.

Visibility was still pretty bad – 10 feet.  Water at 25 feet was about 50 degrees at Calf Cove.  Peter saw an ocean pout and I saw stripers.  The passing parade of other folk stirred up the bottom enough to make conditions best at the wall itself.  Half way up it I saw a rock gunnel in a notch and some kind of basket star waving its tentacles from the husk of a barnicle.

We made the second dive at the Lobster Pool Restaurant.  I anchored in 35 feet of water. It was a little clearer deeper.  Joe Finkhouse said it was 58 degrees on the surface close into the restaurant’s shore.   He was followed throughout his dive by a very friendly or just curious striped bass.  It kept coming back to him whenever they got separated.  The perfect dive buddy.

Paul videoed a rock steady scarlet psolus and two sculpin very close up.  I got some good shots of decorator crabs on an old lobster trap.

Pat rowed ashore to get The Captain a Father’s Day hotdog.  She brought back french fries and onion rings for everyone as well as hotdogs for herself and me.  The Captain wolfed his down without hardly taking a breath.  Everything tastes like ambrosia when you’ve been diving.

The trip back down the river was uneventful and hot.  No breeze can be a bad thing sometimes.  We pulled into the marina just a some big thunderheads kicked up a ruckous with thunder and spotty rain.  It was quickly over, but cooled our heads as we trucked up the ramp with drippy gear.

It is certainly summer around here now.

One Response to “Even Better”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Hey! I’m looking in the WW bible right now and I don’t see where it’s legal to eat hot dogs…and you can argue the “it’s technically a vegetable” thing all you want, but from what I’m reading here, french fries and onion rings are a definite no no…

    See that, miss one day and the whole boat goes to hell….

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