Great Day for A Newbee

It was bright, clear and blustery today.  The first two were OK, but the third meant we had to find a sheltered anchorage for a 20-30 knot WNW wind.   We started by getting fuel at Brown’s Yacht Yard and feeding two local swans saltine crackers.

Tom and Catie Childress of Amherst, MA, joined us for her first post-certification dives today.  A proud dad, Tom hasn’t been with us for eight years, but wanted his 14 year old daughter, Catie, to get some experience by diving from a boat and being with the Easy Diver crew.  Catie learned to dive with Holyoke Underwater.  They did a great job – her weight was spot on and her skills were just fine.

She is a natural and spent part of the first dive holding a live flounder in her gloved hands.  She also got to see a moon snail chowing down on a clam and collected treasure at the Wreck of the New Hampshire.  All this was courtesy of her dive buddy, Peter.

Bill Low joined us even though he couldn’t dive today.  He was a great help to everyone because he knows the drill and is quick to react.  He lugged gear and tanks and was much appreciated by tired divers.

New NAUI Instructor, Mike Lane, caught two lobsters, but had to let the great, big one (“the biggest one I ever caught”) go because she had eggs.

The Captain and I worked to get some video footage even though the visibility was poor at about 10 feet.  The water was warmer than it has been.   It was about 55 degrees at 27 feet.  I saw a teeny, tiny red lump fish (I think).  The video shows its irridescent blue eye stripe and how closely it matches the surrounding red sea week.  I also saw a bedecked decorator crab on an abandoned lobster trap.  He was festooned with pieces of red kelp all the way out to his nose from the back of his shell.  The video doesn’t do him justice.

We made both dives at the wreck site, so Catie could feel comfortable with the depth and the swim platform entry and exit.  She even helped pull the anchor.  What a trooper!

If pictures of our adventures surface from anyone, I’ll post them for your enjoyment.

We had a blast.

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