Wonderful Weather

We had less wind this morning, and a weatherperson’s promise of clear skies.  It looked like we could have our pick of great dive sites.  I chose Stone Garage – one of my favorites.  The tide was going out, so I picked a spot that would let us swing clear of any rocks.  It was about 25 feet deep.  The visibility turned out to be not very good, maybe 10-15 feet.  There were lots of particles in the water.  It was about 50 degrees.

Jacki K. and Paul Savageau were buddies for a videoing exercise.  The Captain and I were similarly engaged.  Pete and Pat were hunting.

I saw a decorator crab with mostly white growth on his back unsuccessfully hiding among grey/brown kelp fronds.  There were flounder and a school of pollack, according to Pete.  Pat caught 4 lobsters; Pete did almost as well.

The second dive was at the far edge on Salt Island.  This spot is protected from northwesterly breezes.  I love it because it has lots of striped bass up in the shallows.  Again, we videoed anything that looked interesting.   I “caught” the first golf ball of the season.  I also saw Ctenophores or comb jellies and a red decorator crab, successfully hiding in red sea weed.  He was too shallow to capture on video because I couldn’t keep rock steady.

Pat snoozed on the bow, having brought cold cuts for our lunch.  We snarfed them down.  Nevertheless, The Captain downed a 1/2 can of cold chili to beat back the hungries that were left.  So much for Weight Watchers.

The sea breeze kicked in at about 1:30 as the tide changed.  It was time to go.

A lovely day with nice people. 

What could be wonderfuller?

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