The Last Day of June is One of the Best Ever

We had a full charter and I wanted to give them the best conditions I could find.  We had driven around the cape earlier and found that going south would give us the most clear, flat, calm options.

As we powered out of Gloucester Harbor, we saw a large navy ship at anchor for Fiesta weekend.  It was pointing into the slight northwesterly wind.  So I turned left at the Dog Bar Breakwater.  The further we went, the calmer the water looked.

Finally, we dropped anchor at the base of the bluff in Loblolly Cove in Rockport, MA  Everyone splashed in quickly except Sylvia who was bubble-watching.  Jacki K. and Andy were exploring.  Paul Savageau was trying out his new camera and strobes before leaving for the Galapagos next Saturday.  Patrick Scalli and Richard Brandolini were hunting, as were Pete and Pat.  The Captain and I were videoing anything that couldn’t get away.  Kathy Cardinale was crewing.

We saw a school of pollack up in the shallows.  I found a decorator crap with lots of white tunicate bunches on his back and legs for camoflage.  The water was between 52 and 55 at 30 feet with about 15-20 feet of visibility.  Not bad.

For the second dive, I wanted to try somewhere on nearby Thacher Island.  After driving all the way around the island, we found the calmest place was under the dead light.  The anchor landed in about 25 feet and Pete could see it lying on the kelp.  Everyone went in for a second time and came back raving about the conditions.  It was warmer at about 55, with a thermocline at about 35 feet.  Visibility was better at about 20 feet.  I think the incoming tide had something to do with that.  While we were under, Kathy and Sylvia saw a seal’s head out at the point.  He/she never came any closer.

Pete and Patrick helped a lobsterman who had backed over a pot and gotten it tangled in his prop.  They swam over to him when he asked for assistance and held their breath to saw the rope free.  Two dives did it and they swam back to us.  The lobster boat was crewed by a man with a small boy along for company.  They waved to us as they left.  The Captain videoed the whole affair.

Wonderful clouds, warm breeze, calm seas for our trip back to the marina.  It doesn’t get much better than this.

We ended with a cookout at Jacki’s new condo’s barbeque area and had a feast.

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