Calm and Cool

We had just a little breeze from the northwest.  Going south again would be best.

We had Linda and Myanna who were looking for lobsters.  Pete and Pat were crew.  The Captain and I were videoing anything that moved.

The first stop was between Stone Garage and The Silo.  It was 55 degrees and the depth was about 30 feet.   Visibility was back down to about 15 feet.  This is a wonderfully bouldery site with pink coraline algae all over the rocky cliffs.  Everyone was happy with the terrain.  The lobsterers found critters and The Captain and I found something to shoot – the hunters. 

Pete found a large beast under the boat.  After he wrangled it out, he measured it only to find it was too big.  We filmed the commotion from two points of view.  It should be interesting to watch the thing grab Pete’s empty glove finger and refuse to let go, even as it backed into its den.

The second stop was closer to Bemo Ledge, south of The Silo.  We were in 25 feet when we started, but the wind shifted as the tide turned.  All of a sudden, I was alone on the boat with the depth sounder reading 17 feet…11 feet…15 feet…11 feet…12 feet, etc.  We were stern to the rocks and I wasn’t sure the anchor would hold in this orientation.  When The Captain returned, we started the engine to move to deeper water, and the divers surfaced to see what was going on.  It was a quick effort to get them all on board.

Again, the water was warmish, they said.  57 degrees at 25 feet, with a full tide.  They found more keepers here too.  It was pronounced to be a good place for  hunting.

The trip back into the harbor was a quick one.  The Fiesta was gearing up for the final part of the greasy pole contest, so more boats were entering the harbor from the river than wanted to go back to the marina.  We lucked out.

 A great weekend was had by all.

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