It Feels Like Saturday, But It’s Not

It’s the 4th of July – on a Wednesday, and breezy.

We head south with Tom Childress and Bill Low, plus Pete and Pat for crew with The Captain and me.  It’s not too busy with boat traffic, so I anchor us just around the corner of Bass Rocks.  It’s the beginning of the “back shore” according to locals.  The breeze was from the southwest and blowing about 15 knots. 

Boy, was it cold in the water.  Bill clocked 46 degrees on the bottom at about 30 feet.  Maybe that was because the tide was coming in strong.  The Captain battled a mighty current getting back to the boat.  I just hung around looking for video subjects.  I found a low swimthrough beneath huge boulders and it had a resident ocean pout.  We’ll see whether he’s in focus when we review the video later.  The visibility wasn’t that good at about 15 feet.

Pat and Pete were looking for more lobsters for Pete’s cookout later in the day.  Everyone on board had already been invited.  Thanks to Tom, we had gourmet rosemary ham and alpine lace sandwiches with cranberry grain mustard in bagettes, no less.   And no-nuts chocolate brownies.  Whew!  What a classy fellow!

We opted for calm for the second dive.  The Captain picked Brace’s Cove and we anchored in about 20 feet of water there at the mouth.  It was at least 5 degrees warmer on the surface with a distinct thermocline at 15 feet.  The visibility was almost tropical – 30 feet.  Again there were very few boats around. 

We managed to make a return to the marina quickly, even though the tide was almost high, because the bridge tender is very nice and raised the bridge just for us.

The cookout at Pete’s was a feast, as always.  The grand total was 53 lobsters, so everyone who wanted to could have some to take home.

Strange-feeling day, but fun.


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