What A Wonderful Day for a Newbie

We were happy to welcome Lihui L. today.  She’s doing a basic class with us and already has an excellent attitude.  We went south to get to Kettle Island’s beach for her, with nearby lobster diving possible at the southwest corner of Kettle for everyone else.  That would be Laurent Dubois, Jim Castelli, and John Buhlman.  Kathy Cardinale was crewing as were Pete, Pat, and I.  The Captain was in charge.

The first spot yielded several lobsters with 55 degree water and 10 foot visibility for the other folk.  Pat and I worked with Lihui off the beach.  She got a chance to see a flounder, a skate, several hermit crabs, a large crab’s carapace, and periwinkles.  There were also lots of shrimp up in the shallows ricocheting around the rocky sand.  The green eel grass looked almost iridescent and had tinges of gold as the sun shone through it.  Each blade had its own tiny crab.  Lihui made two dives off the beach – one with Pat and then one with me.

For the second site, we chose the calmest place we could see.  It was the southwest point of Grey Beach in Magnolia.  Lihui wasn’t feeling too good so I rowed her to shore.  We waited for the everyone else to make their dive before I rowed us back to the bouncing boat.

Kathy made us “legal” sandwiches and we chowed them down gratefully.

Lihui will be back, she promises.  I think the Bonine that Laurent bought her will help a lot.

Fun day but quite a workout.

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