Today’s dives covered the gamut from shallow/warm/clear to deeper/colder/darker.  We had Veronica and her sister, Robin (from New Zealand), Jacki K., Andy, Laurent Dubois, and Pete and Pat as crew.  The Captain was in charge.  He picked the first place to be just off Good Harbor Beach’s rocks.  It looked pretty clear as we set the anchor in 20 feet of water.  There was no wind so the anchor didn’t take much scope and we were facing into the small ocean swells that were coming from the southwest. 

The rocks had hollowed out areas where the ocean had scoured the spaces between them.  There were big boulders and sheer edges rising from the sand.  I saw windrows of smashed lobster traps up against the rocky wall.  I videoed a curious flounder and watched Sisyphus, the lobster.  He was trying to push sand up a slope and it kept slipping back down into his den.  The outlook wasn’t good for a clear hole in the near future.  The water was 55 degrees and the visibility was about 15 feet.

Everyone had done fine, and the ocean was almost flat calm, so The Captain decided we’d try the wreck of the Chelsea for the second dive.  Pat used the hand-held GPS and we pressed GoTo so we could be led back to the waypoint we’d entered into it on the last trip we’d made there.  It worked like a charm.  The bottom angled up from 80 feet to less than 50 and we found the buoy marking the wreck on our first pass.

There was a little current, so we rigged a line from the stern to the float line down to the wreck.  That way, nobody had to chug too hard to make the bow and use up too much air just getting to the descent point.  I was the last one in and got to shoot Jacki and Andy peering into holes in the wreck and investigating its debris.  I also saw some lobster hunters.  There isn’t much hull left, but it still looks more like a ship than does the wreck of the USF New Hampshire.  It was cold – 45 degrees at 50 feet.  The visibility was still around 15 feet.  I used my tank and was glad to surface to more sun than clouds and a slick, calm sea.

On the ride back home, we picked up a line and Pete volunteered to saw it free.  This was just after rounding Milk Island, so it was probably a lobster pot’s fault.  It only took a moment until Pete surfaced calling, “Can I log it?”  Of course you can.

Thanks to Andy for the authentic paczki, Polish plum butter-filled donuts, and to Veronica for the “legal” snacks, and to Laurent for the chocolat and moutarde.  Don’t we have thoughtful customers and crew?

Fun day.

One Response to “Spectrum”

  1. Veronica Atlantis Says:

    My sister enjoyed the day of diving despite the chilly willy temps at the Chelsea. She enjoys just being on the boat chatting with other divers as a part of her “total diving experience”. A fun day.

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