Another Very Good Day

We have had a string of nice weekends.  Today capped yet another one, although the wind was brisker than would have been perfect.  We had Bill Low, Dianne Kelleher, Patrick Scalli, and Laurent Dubois with Veronica Atlantis, Pete and Pat as crew.   It was already blowing about 15 knots from the southeast when we decided to go north with the trip.  I picked Hoop Pole Cove for the first site, once we rounded Halibut Point and saw the effect of the wind on Sandy Bay.  We were joining another dive boat and were subsequently joined by another ourselves.  This reinforced my view that the conditions were as good as possible with the wind from the south-ish. 

Everyone suited up and jumped in to get cooled off because the air was about 85 degrees and humid.  The water was a shock at 52 degrees at 30 feet.  The tide was coming in and bringing up cold, but not necessarily very clear water.  It was only about 15-20 feet of visibility.  Nevertheless, Bill Low found a teeny sculpin that was only about 1/4 in long.    I saw little cunners and small stripers up in the golden Irish moss zone.  Other folk saw pollack and more stripers.  Not too many lobsters.

The second site was a short jaunt into the teeth of the wind over to Gully Point, then closer in towards Old Garden Beach to avoid the two other dive boats that were anchored near the point, itself.  Again we were all clustering in the lee of shore to avoid choppy conditions.   This site had huge boulders and sandy spaces between them.  I swam towards shore and noticed a large shadow cross a white lobster trawl line.  It was a big shadow.  Back on the boat, Veronica and Dianne had seen it too.  It was a big striper, all alone and probably hunting for love or something to eat.  You know how it is with those stripers. 

The water was pretty cold here too – 52 degrees in 20 feet.  There was no thermocline as you went deeper, just some big (too big to take) lobsters that challenged some of the hunters.  The wind was blowing off shore towards us and the conditions on the boat were perfect.   There was some major sun-bathing on the bow as we waited for everyone else to come back to the boat.

Veronica served The Captain and me her “legal” snacks and saved an apple for Peter, as well.  There were some roast beef in bulky roll sandwiches, I heard.  I don’t know for sure because I wouldn’t be eating any of them.  No, not me.  Too many Weight Watcher points in them guys.  Yup.

Our trip home was back the way we’d come, because the wind was picking up to 20-25 knots.  It helped to have the whole cape blocking the force of the gusts.  As Pete docked the boat, we applauded his skill and were glad to be on solid ground.  At least I was.

Good day.  Good people.

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