Yesterday’s long, low rollers were combined again today with a brisk north wind as the day started.  We chose to go south to avoid the fetch a north wind would bring to the north side of the cape.  We had Charles O., Laurent Dubois, and Joe Finkhouse as well as Pete, Pat and Veronica as crew.  The Captain was in charge.  I drove the boat.

If you had something to do outside today, it would have been the perfect time to do it.  75 degree air, fresh dry breeze, and lots of sun made the surface conditions a picture postcard from New England.  Underwater was a different story.

Our first site was as protected as I could find to let Charles go through his skills and exercises for a basic scuba card.  I chose the lee side of Salt Island off Good Harbor beach.  I anchored in about 20 feet of water over flat, feature-less white sand.  That way, if he dropped anything, we’d be able to retrieve it easily.  He didn’t and we didn’t have to.  The Captain and Charles went through the basics at the end of the down-line.  Then Veronica and Charles went for a swim around the area.  She said the surge underwater was disorienting and a little tough to take.  Joe and Laurent each said they had seen several monster lobsters that were too big to take.

For the second dive, I looked further north to be out of the rollers.  Veronica said they were crashing into Salisbury Beach as almost standing waves.  Loblolly Cove didn’t seem to be out of the way enough, so we went over to the southwest corner of Thacher Island.

The surge was a little better here, but it was rocky and rolly up top.  The water was only 20 feet deep and the wind was dying, so we managed.  Pete took Charles for another expedition.  They were hunting for lobsters for Pat Walsh.  Through their efforts, Laurent’s, Joe’s, and Pat’s herself, she got her quota.   Again, there were some too-big ones that were exciting to see alive and well and under a rock.

The trip back was a little easier with the wind and the rollers at our backs. 

Thanks to Charles for the couscous and to Veronica for the “legal” snacks.

Fun day.

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