Egg Rolls and Kettle Rocks

It was nicer today.  The humidity was still very high when we woke after last night’s thunder boomers.  But, it was still.  No breeze at all.  We ate our breakfast overlooking Gray Beach in Magnolia and noticed the boats facing into the slight swells that were coming from the southwest.

The weather channel said 10-15 out of the northwest would eventually materialize.  It was enough to send us south today.

We started by buying diesel at the new facility right here in the Cape Ann Marina.  They were very proud of their new setup and all the shiny new hardware.  We were their first diesel customer. 

We continued out into the harbor and then south to Egg Rock, at Myanna’s request.  She and Linda Giles were onboard today along with Paul Savageau and Laurent Dubois.  Veronica, Peter, and Pat were crew.  I drove the boat.  The Captain was in charge.

We found good anchorage on the west side of the island in about 30 feet of water.  The divers reported it was in the low 50s as you descended with 47 on the bottom at 60 feet.  The tide was high so lots of cold ocean water was packing in under the warm stuff.  There was a decided thermocline at about 15 feet.  The passing boat traffic had us grabbing for the handrails several times.  The rolling soon quit and we were back to gentle rocking.

Paul saw a dog fish.  Peter recovered an anchor and long length of line with a shackle.  It will probably be our new down line.  The hunters found enough quarry to be happy with this beautiful site.  We saw two free divers with their surface floats just off the ocean edge of the island.

Pat and I sat of the swim platform and literally cooled our heels in wonderfully warm ocean.  It was certainly in the 60s or my feet would have been red and throbbing.  They weren’t.

The second dive was also for hunters.  We chose the eastern side of Kettle Island.  It has large boulders and great habitat for prey.  Paul saw a school of pollack and several flounders.  It was in the high 40s on the bottom at 30 feet.  Chilly for a day with full sun and 86 degrees and hardly any breeze on the surface.  A little sea breeze from the east started while the divers were under.  It helped some with the heat, but not much.

Veronica brought us Weight Watchers “legal” snacks. 

Thanks to everyone, we had a great day.

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