Hot and Sweaty

There were six very sticky types on our boat Saturday, August 4th.  They were Lihui Lin, Laurent Dubois, Paul Savageau, Jonathan M., Jacki K. and Andi.  The crew was Pat, Pete, me and The Captain.  It was over 90 and there were messy swells coming in from the south.  What wind there was came from the west.  We decided to go south to get in the water ASAP.  The surface was at least 60 and maybe higher.  The Captain and I dove with wetsuits for the first time this year.  Just the thought of getting into our green fuzzies and then the DUI dry suit made me feel faint.

Lihui and I were dropped off at Kettle Island’s beach while everyone else went to the southwest corner of the island for their first dive.  Lihui is getting her open water experience for a scuba certification from NAUI.  We needed to be able to have her stand up if she wanted to.

The hunters did very well and so did Lihui and I.  We had fin kicked the inflatable 1/2-way to the anchored dive boat by the time they came to get us for the second dive.

The Captain decided we needed Norman’s Woe, but when we got close it seemed too surgy.  We proceeded into the mouth of Gloucester Harbor to Old House Cove.  We anchored in about 25 feet and Lihui and I swam the inflatable to shore for a stable platform to use for diving.  Big mistake.  It wasn’t stable in there at all.  Two white horses came to check us out and I decided that was an omen.  We agreed that the surge and black water, filled with torn seaweed, made getting into our gear too much hastle.  We swam the inflatable back to the boat and she geared up there.

Everyone else was already in the water, so it was an easy task for Pete and The Captain to help Lihui get into her tank, etc.   Laurent came over to help us and she made it to the bottom with the downline’s help.  When there, she was excited to see the smallest critters and Laurent found several for her. 

The visibility wasn’t great and the temperature on the bottom was about 50 degrees, so we needed all the rubber goods we’d brought along.  Darn!

We powered back to the marina and wrangled the heavy gear up a relatively flat ramp due to an incoming tide.  Thank goodness for some things. 

Dripping salt water, sweat, and swears, we packed up and hoped for better conditions on Sunday.

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