What a Difference

How could two days in a row be so different from each other?

Today dawned with 70 degrees, a brisk breeze from the northeast, and hardly any humidity.  WooHoo!

We had Joe Finkhouse, Lihui Lin, Laurent Dubois, Jonathan M., Dianne Kelleher, and Richard Brandolini with Veronica Atlantis, Pete, and Pat as crew.  The Captain and I were along for the ride, but I drove the boat.

The wind dictated another trip south.  We picked Graves Island for the first site so The Captain and Dianne could video a segment about finding a spike from the USF New Hampshire.  Lihui and I were working on her open water skills; everyone else was hunting for either spikes or lobsters or both.

I anchored in about 15 feet of water in the shelter of the island.  Lihui and I descended the downline and explored the open sand and the sheltering rocks.  We saw flounder, moon snails, sand dollars, shards of copper sheathing from the bottom of the wreck, and ricochet shrimp (really, sand shrimp).  Laurent found lots of what he was looking for.  Everyone else seemed happy with the conditions – 55 degrees and about 10-15 feet of visibility.

The second site was picked for its protection from the wind that had shifted to the southeast.  It is called Divers’ Leap (a joke) because the entry from the land is via a high, steep bluff and would break anyone’s neck who tried it.  I anchored in 20 feet of water and everyone clamored in for the second dive.  Lihui tried Veronica’s inflatable vest to see what it felt like.  It was a good fit, but didn’t help her diving any.  Peter wrestled another three pounds on her weight belt and put some more in the pocket of her vest.  That seemed to make the biggest improvement.  She could descend without struggling when she wanted to do so.

We followed the anchor after our descent and found lots of moon snail collars and even a large, empty moon snail shell.   We saw little lobsters in depressions in the sand and large crabs eating what looked like sandy spaghetti.

People came back with prey and Lihui graduated from her course.  A great time was had by all.

Much better than Saturday.

But it felt like Fall.

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