The Best Sunday

of the summer.  Dry, coolish, but warming to upper 80s, cloudless, but silting up to high thin streamers, 57 degree ocean surface and good people chartering.  What’s not to love?

We had Joe Finkhouse, Laurent Dubois, Bill Low, Theresa H. and Emily with Veronica, Pat, and Pete as crew.  The Captain oversaw everything and I drove the boat.

They were a pack of hunters and needed prey.  I chose the Dead Light at Thacher Island as the best option and was I ever right.  It had lots of big mamoo lobsters that were oversized and fun to look at.  I anchored in 20 feet of water and Pete said it was 52 degrees at 35 feet.  He took Theresa and Emily on their first lobster hunt.  They had first hand experience holding one that was too big to take and then putting it back.  They caught supper.  Bill Low saw a big lobster with a crab in its clutches, ready for the feast.

The tide turned while we were climbing out and the current started to pick up.  I decided a second site would be a better option than fighting any current.  We headed over to the north side of Straitsmouth Island.

I anchored in 25 feet and everyone was back in the water quickly because the conditions looked perfect here.   We strongly encouraged the hunters to forage up into the cove and out of the traffic lane behind the boat.  A little southerly breeze kept us off the rocks and cooled too.  The visibility was 15-20 feet and even better up in the shallows.  There was golden Irish Moss spread over boulders and cormorants sun-drying themselves on rocks around the cove’s edge.  Again, the water was luxuriously  warm in the shallows – 62. 

Thanks to Veronica for the “legal” snacks. 

Thanks to Pete and Pat for steering repairs on-the-go. 

Thanks to Laurent for pumping the inflatable and other things.

Pat took lots of topside pictures.  If I get any from her, I’ll post them in another entry.

Wonderful day with great people.

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