Very Breezy

We were glad to hear that the Blynman Bridge was fixed because the wind was gusting from the north northwest at 20-25 knots.  We went south with Linda and Kerry Hurd, Jim Castelli, Pat, Pete, The Captain and me.  As we turned around the Dog Bar Breakwater, we agreed that the nearest site would probably have the calmest water.  We could see rollers from the south were breaking on Salt Island’s shoreline, so we stopped at The Stone Garage.

Jim, Kerry, Pete and I suited up while everyone else kept anchor watch in the stiff, offshore breeze.  As I hit the water, the boat swung hard at anchor and I flapped like a flag.  This was going to be interesting.  I asked for the downline so I could manage venting my drysuit and the video camera at the same time as I was trying to descend.  Worked great.

Then I noticed how cold the water was.  Maybe the air temperature was affecting it, along with the off shore wind and the incoming tide, but later I learned it was 52 on the surface and 41 on the bottom at 35 feet.  That felt about right because I was chilly right away at 40 feet below the boat.

Nevertheless, we hardy souls saw decorator crabs in butterscotch-colored tunicate mantles, a purple blood star, a flounder with polka dot markings, a teeny “teddy bear” sea star,  a new kind of anemone, and lots of crabs everywhere.  Kerry was videoing up in the notches and trenches and got visibility of about 15 feet.  I was right under the boat and it was only about 10 feet of visibility there.  Then my suit started to leak down the arm.  That was it.

We surfaced and had no trouble getting into the boat, even though the wind was whipping and singing in the rigging.  We later learned it had topped out with gusts to 30 knots.  The vote was to call it at one and done. 

Lunch at The Gull  with our favorite waitress, Deb, helped even out the day with good people.

Let’s hope conditions are less challenging tomorrow.

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