Family Day

Because of a last minute cancellation, we had only 5 folks today.  It was OK though, because they were family.  Steve Fisichelli and his son, Nick, joined Tom, Kathleen, and Catie Childress for a trip to the USF New Hampshire.  The Childress clan were repeats, but we’d never met Steve or Nick before today.   In the interests of making sure that the kids had a good, safe time, we decided to look at the wreckage of the USF New Hampshire and scour the site for treasure.

As we anchored, we noted that the wind and tide were combined to make a good anchorage which was close to the main wreck site possible.  Sometimes we have to go way into the cove to get calm water, but not today.

I was trying out a new dry suit from Ted Barnes’ Freedom Diving.  The Captain was directing traffic.  The remaining crew were Peter Donahue, Pat Walsh, and Veronica Atlantis.  Everyone was also hunting for lobsters, if they came across any. 

Although the wind had died from yesterday, it was overcast and not as warm as one would have liked for August 19th – maybe 70 degrees?  In the water, it was 52 all the way to the bottom.  Visibility was about 10-15 feet, with the better number closer to the island.  Speaking of the island, people saw stripers up in the shallows and on the bottom. 

Veronica saw a very large flounder.  The hunters were successful, as well.  The treasure was copper sheathing from the first metal rolling press in the world and nails manufactured by Paul Revere’s foundry.

We did both dives at the site by popular demand.  I learned after the first dive that Steve and Nick hadn’t gotten over to the wreck because they were hunting, don’t ya know.  I tagged Pete to guide them for the second dive because I wanted to be sure they saw it and its “golden” sawed-off pins.

The suit worked great and I’m now the proud owner of a new one.

Thanks to V for the “legal” snacks.

Good day with VERY nice people.

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