Breezy, Super-heated Perfection

Today was our 22nd wedding anniversary.  Dr. Don Butterfield and Ken Ishiwata proposed a celebratory picnic and were willing to bring it.  Since Don was our Best Person, how could we say “No”?  There were the three Childresses and Dianne Kelleher as well.  A laid-back team if there ever was one.  We were treated to wonderful sun, a 10-15 knot breeze from the southwest, and pretty warm water.

On the way north, we passed a small boat at the first Annisquam River mark that had all its passengers draped over the bow.  They were either sea sick, or there was something interesting in the water near them.  As we got closer, we could see the flippy, floppy dorsal fin of an ocean sunfish, doing its thing.  They were amazed and agog at the depth of our knowledge about this amazing fish.  They had thought it was sick.  We assured them that it was just feeding.  The great big eye looked back at them through the water, and the toothless mouth seemed too small for the body.

After it descended for the last time, we proceeded north, looking for a cool anchorage.  Don and Ken and their pug, Deke, needed as comfortable a setting as I could find.  Folly Cove looked like it would be too hot and windless, Fisherman’s Canyon had breakers on its rocks, Straitsmouth Island had three anchored fishing boats, so we decided on Gully Cove.  I anchored up into the cove in about 25 feet so the divers could explore the rocks on its western edge.  Everyone suited up quickly because it was beastly hot.

I stayed on board with Don and Ken and Deke until they finished their first dive.  That way, I could be of help if anything happened with the divers.  Nothing did.  They came back with tales of a thermocline at 25 feet, 55 degrees from the top to the thermocline, and cold below it.  Visibility was about 10-15 feet. 

After the first dive, the picnicking commenced.  There was roast beef, roast chicken, ham and swiss, rolls, cherry tomatoes, bread and butter pickles, with arugula from Don and Ken, and brownies from the Childress family.  What a feast!  I think I saw some napping afterwards, but my eyes could have been deceiving me.

The vote was to stay in the same place so I could take Kathleen and Catie over to see the neat rocks at the cove’s edge.  Everyone else was hunting.  We were joined by Dianne and got to see the vertical boundary to the cove before having to turn around.  I had jumped in with a tank with only 1200 psi.  There were schools for small cunners scattering as we passed by.  As I got low on air, I led everyone back to the boat. Dianne stayed with Kathleen and Catie because she had more air as did they.

They emptied their tanks at the anchor and everyone climbed aboard at about the same time.  Catie helped haul the anchor and we headed back over the top for the marina.  It was a hot, sunny ride.  Lots of boats were pulled up at Wingaersheek Beach.  We pulled into the new finger docks with style and sweated the stuff up a low tide ramp. 

Great people, good eats, super day.

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