Too Hot for September

It was slated to be over 90 today.  I think it made it.  Breezy from the southwest, with low rollers to boot.  Nothing too bad, though, so we went south to Kettle Island for the hunters.  Because of some last minute cancellations, we only had Laurent Dubois, Larry Fine, and Tim Maxwell.   Tim is a NAUI Instructor candidate and practiced skills and bailouts behind the island in about 15 feet of water.  Pete said it was 50 degrees at 30 feet with about 30 feet of visibility.

We moved over to the shelter of the west side of Magnolia beach for the second dive.  Again, we were interested in getting the best hunting grounds we could.  Larry did well, as did Laurent.  The depth was 24 feet with the same 50 degree water and excellent visibility.  We had a visit from a seal, although it didn’t come close enough for an introduction.  Laurent pointed out its head about five boat lengths east of our anchorage as we waited for the last diver to surface.   As I dashed for the video camera, it dove and left the building. 

Today, we had a double-header – a second trip after we docked from the first.  This was just into the Gloucester Harbor and shallow, sandy-bottomed water off Niles Beach for the beginner’s second class.  The NAUI Instructor candidate and the NAUI Scuba Diver candidate were accompanied by two NAUI Instructor Trainers/Course Directors as they practiced scuba skills in stand-up water.  The mix seemed to work fine.

It’s supposed to thunderstorm tonight and be much cooler tomorrow.

 Can’t wait.

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