What a Difference!

It thundered and lightening-ed over night and rained hard too.  It was still dribbling as we awoke.  But it got a lot cooler and continued to drizzle as we loaded the boat.  The wind was from the east and we decided to go back to Kettle Island for protection from the elements.

Jamie Kent, Tim Maxwell, Laurent Dubois, and Richard Brandolini were with us today.  Pete and Veronica were crew.  Pat is still on Martha’s Vineyard on vacation.  Jamie was going to make his first open water dive of any depth, so I anchored in 28 feet of water behind Kettle Island.  Veronica squealed as she jumped in, so I knew right away that the water temp had dropped from last weekend.  She and Jamie descended the down line as he learned how to clear his ears.  Tim practiced bailouts from the swim platform.  Laurent and Richard hunted.  After the dive, Veronica reported that her thermometer registered 45 degrees on the bottom.  But was it ever clear – about 30 feet of visibility.

We made the second dive right across the way at Diver’s Leap.  That’s a joke because the land entry is an impossible height above the ocean and would entail a monster giant stride.  Laurent and Richard hunted some more.  Jamie, Veronica, Tim and I went for a little jaunt over to the rocks and back.  He saw critters and practiced buoyancy control.  The visibility was excellent again at only 20 feet.  We were kneeling on the bottom and I could see ripples on the surface.  The bottom was littered with sand dollars.  There were also baby cunners on the rocks, moon snail egg cases, hermit crabs, and little lobsters.

We had fun with nice people.

Thanks to Veronica for bringing “legal” snacks. 

 And it was cooler.

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