…And the Heavens Opened

It was supposed to be damp this morning and then clear up, and become breezy. 

Yeah, right.

There was drizzle, rain, grey clouds, and then more rain and the promised wind.  You didn’t miss anything if you weren’t able to join us.  Except, Jacki and Andy were surrounded by curious stripped bass behind Kettle Island.  Andy noted they were skittish about being lit with his flashlight.  Pete saw “teen-aged” sea ravens, and a bevy of four inch flounders.  There weren’t enough of them to actually be a school.  It was more like a small class of them, according to Pete.  Loads of lobsters, they were crawling everywhere.  They were on the sand, trying to hide in the depressions they make.  They were on top of the rocks; they were beside the rocks; they were under the rocks.  They were in lobster pots, under lobster pots, on top of the lobster pots, and on their way to the lobster pots.  It was a free-for-all of lobsters (most of them were shorts, but it is still fun to see them).  As had been his plan, Laurent Dubois caught enough of them to feed his “grand tante”-in-law and her family.

Bill Low and Larry Fine were exploring in the warmish water – 57 degrees.  They reported visibility from 5 feet to 15 feet, depending on whether you’d been following a lobster hunter or not. 

We pulled the anchor to motor to the second site and the wind picked up to usher through a front of rain and clouds.  The white board where we display the numbers of lobstering divers flew off its perch on the ladder on the starboard side of the boat.  We were half way to the site and turned around to find it on the surface near the island.  What a surprise to learn that it floats!

Turning once again for the second site at Saddle Rock, the wind picked up briskly and the rain was arriving sideways.  I was driving in full foul weather gear and getting blasted in the face by the wind/water.  I shouted down to see if anyone wanted to call it quits with one dive for 1/2 price.  There was a chorus of yes votes.

So, it was one and done.

We hope for better conditions tomorrow.

One Response to “…And the Heavens Opened”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Hello to all. I miss you guys! I’m sorry I haven’t been around, but I’m struggling to finish.

    I should be sort of finished some time in the next 2 weeks….at least done enough to get by…. kind of.

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