Milkin’ It

What a difference from yesterday.  Today was total sun, gentler winds and a less bouncy ocean.  We went south because the wind was from the north.  We wanted some variety, so we turned left at the end of the Dog Bar breakwater and anchored on the south side of Milk Island off Rockport’s Pebble Beach.  We hadn’t been to this site in at least five years, so it was new to lots of folk.  Linda Giles and Myanna, Joe Finkhouse, Bill Low, and Laurent Dubois were hunting or sightseeing or practicing navigation.  Tim Maxwell was working on his NAUI Instructor tasks with The Captain, Veronica, and me.  Pat was crewing and lobstering and Peter, The Magnificent, was telling everyone what to do.

I anchored in 20 feet of water over rocks and sandy patches.  I could see them from the flying bridge.  The Captain sent Laurent in first to scout the place and he came to the surface in a few moments with a legal lobster in his hand as he placed it on his head to say “OK!”  That set the tone for the hunters.  I got suited up and, upon descending, quickly saw the visibility was at least 20 feet.  I could see ripples on the surface from the sandy patch where Fred and Tim were simulating a class on regulator retrieval.

Later, I got to video a little bit and found that every large boulder had its own corona of teeny, tiny fry.  They were reddish and some still had distended bellies that looked like yolk sacks from their egg phase.  Pete thought it was late for them to be just hatching now, but I couldn’t believe they were anything other than new babies. 

Veronica said she saw the largest lobster she’s ever seen and it was eating another one.  The hunters returned with happy faces.  The water had been 55 degrees at 30 feet.

The second site was just a little more towards the east, along the same side of the island.   It was 22 feet and the visibility was down to about 15 feet.  There was more surge here and more huge lobsters.  They were too big to take, but awesome to come across as you topped a boulder.  Everyone had stories to tell about their encounters.

We were glad to have such easy-to-please customers.

It was a good day.

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