A Gourmet Treat

We had Patrick Scalli, Joe Finkhouse, and Laurent Dubois on a day with heaps of sunshine and hardly any wind.  What could be better?  How about home-made, gourmet,  tomato tarts?  Veronica, Pete, Pat, and The Captain joined me and the customers in munching them all the way to crumbs between our two dives.

Oh, yeah.  The dives.  Well they were cold – 50 degrees.  But clear – 15-20 feet.

The first one was at Stone Garage.  It faces south, so choosing this site in late summer makes the day seem warmer and the water clearer.  Plus, you can navigate by swimming into the sun to get deeper and away from the sun to return to the boat.  That must have been what Laurent did because we noticed bubbles wa-a-a-y-y out to sea.  They couldn’t have been his, he vowed.  Yeah, right.

Pete brought us a sea raven to admire on the swim platform.  Then he posed with it as Pat took its picture.  If I get an email of the best shots, I’ll post them for your admiration.  It was hard to tell who’s scruffier looking – Pete or the sea raven – but I’ll go with the fish because Pete was wearing his ice mask.

Cue the snacks.  Veronica brought “legal” ones for us as well.

The second dive was just a little further east.  We’d never anchored there before and I wanted to try a new site.  It was 20 feet deep, still cold, and a little less clear.  We could call it Post Tomato Tart Nothing Special.  It had some large boulders, but it also had lots of kelp.  The lobsters were thumbing their noses at us.  Plus it had more surge than the first place.  I videoed two pretty sea ravens.  One was red and the second was gold/yellow.  Then the surge started getting to me.

I surfaced to see Patrick Scalli tooling around the boat in bright yellow Force Fins.  The Captain had obviously gotten to him. 

Pat drove home and navigated us under the Blynman Cut bridge at full outbound tide without mussing her hair.  Nice job.

Thanks to everyone for a beautiful start to fall, if you can relate to that oximoron.

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