Breezy and Bright

The wind was gusty from the northwest and there were rollers coming in from the south.  Not a good combination, no matter where we would be trying to dive.  We drove around the island to check out the options.  Not surprisingly, there were not many.

The customer roster morphed a lot from what we’d been expecting.  When the dust settled, there were Jacki K. and Andy along with Jim Castelli, Pat, Pete, me, and The Captain.  We decided on the backside of Kettle Island for calm water, with protection from swells and wind both.  The visibility was only about 10 feet – less if the lobster-hunters had just gone through.  The resident crab population was also stirring things up by digging holes in the soft silt and sifting in the debris for food.  They were being watched by scads of teeny flounder which were less than 1/2 inch long, just in case they dropped anything tasty.

The water was 55 degrees at 20 feet.  According to Peter, it was 50 degrees at 40 feet.  Jacki and Andy were happy with the site, so we were too.

We moved across the cut to the mainland for the second dive.  We could see that the incoming tide had Saddle Rock awash.  Pete took Jacki and Andy over to it so they could see the beautiful underwater landscape around the rock.  I videoed the wall behind the rock because the tide was high enough to let the water cover several different layers of underwater growth.  The gray/orange granite got darker when it was wet and then, down further, the barnicle zone was white shells glistening in the dappled light from the surface of the water.  Deeper still, the growth on the wall was orange/red until it joined the first area of sea weed.  As the water surged against the wall, I could see the under side of the wave, curling and breaking with silver bubbles.  Lovely.

Peter returned with a great big lobster that was almost too big, but not quite.  What a monster.  He was happy with this site, so we were too.

Good day with good people.

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