A Bunch of Newbees (and others)

Today was organized chaos.  We had Peter K. and, his daughter, Charlotte who had had resort courses but hadn’t ever been diving in New England water and wanted to get certified as Scuba Divers.  We also had Dianne Kelleher and her friend, Jim, who hadn’t ever scuba dived, but wanted to try it.  Plus, we had Laurent Dubois and Richard Brandolini who are excellent divers already.

I chose the beach at Kettle Island for Peter K. and Charlotte, with Pat Walsh.  Peter Donahue, The Captain, Dianne and Jim used the stern of the boat for their exercises.  I had anchored in 18 feet of water over a sandy bottom.  Laurent and Richard swam to the point to hunt.  It was a multi-purpose site.

The water was 55 degrees on the surface, with about 10 feet of visibility at 20 feet.  The sky was partly cloudy and there was a 10 knot breeze from the ENE.

Charlotte had a little trouble clearing her ears as we tooled around in about 10 feet off the island’s gently sloping beach, but the skills she’d learned in her resort course were still there.  Peter was good at everything.

We decided to move for the second dive and went over to Diver’s Leap for the next site.

I anchored in 22 feet of water.  It was a little clearer here because the tide was coming in.  It was 50 degrees at the bottom, with 10-15 feet of visibility.  Peter K. and I practiced descents in open water and bouyancy control on the bottom.  Pat and Charlotte worked on the down line, wrapping their legs around it, dropping feet first, and going slow to allow Charlotte time to concentrate on clearing her ears before they hurt.  Peter and I were there to greet them, just by accident, as they hit the bottom.  Cheers were pantomimed and great huzzahs bubbled out too.  She did it!

Richard and Laurent disappeared on the hunt.

Charlotte emptied a tank while hanging onto the swim platform, so she’d know what it feels like, and that it isn’t an instantaneous thing.  The air doesn’t just stop in mid-breath.  I think I saw the sides of the tank bowing in as she drained it.

Peter K. and I practiced orally inflating and deflating the vests we were wearing. 

Everyone did fine and we all had fun.

What more could we ask?

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