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Sunday Surge

September 2, 2007

More of the same.  Surgy conditions, but bright, breezy and not hot made the day fun nevertheless.

We started at Stone Garage with the Childress family (Tom, Kathleen, and Catie) plus Laurent Dubois, Bill Low, and Jacki K.   Veronica was crew along with Pete (Pat has begun her vacation on Martha’s Vineyard and we miss her already).  The Captain was in charge and I drove the boat.  We were taking the rollers abeam with the prevailing breeze from the southeast.  Conditions on the bottom were fine, according to Kathleen.  At 40 feet, they experienced the warmest dive they’d made all season.  She said that her gloves leaked, but she didn’t even mind because her wetsuit kept her warm enough. 

We moved the second dive into Brace Cove for some respite from the rocking.  Although it was shallow, Veronica reported it was warm and clear.  Catie and her mom circled the area and The Captain went videoing.  Jacki and Pete were sight-seeing and hunting together.  Laurent was hunting and Tom Childress was relaxing on the bottom. 

Thanks to everyone for their good cheer.

One more day and I can go back to work to heal.

Three-Day Weekend Kickoff

September 1, 2007

The weatherperson promised sunny, warmish, bright and breezy conditions.  He/she was right.  What they didn’t mention was swells that ran in opposition to the prevailing breeze.  The Yankee Fleet canceled their whale watches for the day after the 5 AM boats reported uncomfortable conditions.  We soldiered on.

Nothing looked good north because it was a northwesterly wind of 10-20 knots.  So we went south.  Rollers from the southwest were running in to everywhere diveable.  Darn.  I worked our way up to Salt Island and nestled into its lee for the first dive.  Kevin and Linsley Mordasky, Pat and Karen Hatcher and Bethany and Bob Brousseau were with us along with Pat, Pete, and The Captain.  Although she couldn’t go out with us due to condo concerns, Cathy Cardinale drove all the way up to Gloucester with legal snacks for the crew.  What a trooper!

The conditions were surgy although the anchorage was protected from the worst of it.  There were shallows to explore on the beach side of the island and stripers streaming in the shallows on its ocean side.  Everyone took their pick.  There was even some prey for the hunters.

For the second dive, we headed north to Thacher Island, but the breeze had built some rollers from the opposite direction on its north side.  The little-dived south side of the island had possibilities, however.  I anchored in about 25 feet of water.  Kevin, Linsley, Pat and Pete lept over the side to this new place.  The rest of us suffered in silence on the uncalm sea.  It wasn’t long before they were all back raving about the underwater terrain and good visibility.  It was 55 degrees at 40 feet.  10-15 feet of visibility, but lots of surge.  Kevin dubbed it the best New England dive he’d ever had.  Quite a testament to this new place.  We’ll have to come back when anchoring conditions have improved.

Everyone was happy to leave for the marina and decorating Easy Diver for the annual parade of lights on the Annisquam River and in Gloucester Harbor.  We were joined by Dianne Kelleher and eagerly participated in our “more is better” lights category.  Blasting Y.M.C.A. from the loud speaker may have influenced the judges’ decision even more than the lights because we had lots of pirate gals and guys dancing on the bow.

A late night, and with charters planned for the next two days, we ditched the fireworks and hit the sack.  I was wiped.