Everyone agreed.  It was lobster-hunting day.

Laurent, Larry, and Peter were intent.  Laurent requested the protected west side of Kettle Island, because he’d had such good luck finding big lobsters on the past few anchorings there.  O.K.  That was easy.

When we rounded the corner of the island, I could see we were not the only ones with that notion.  There were four other dive boats already anchored a respectful distance from each other around the point.  Our favorite spot was still vacant, however.

I anchored in 28 feet of water and watched the friendly banter as the hunters got ready to splash in.  I say it was friendly especially because Laurent volunteered to show Larry where he got the big ones.  They dove as a team for the whole first dive.  They returned with a bag full, so it was another successful day.

We decided to stay in place for the second dive.  Peter had said it was 52 degrees at 48 feet.  There was wonderful visibility there – about 30 feet, he thought.

The sun came out and we basked in the warmth of a late summer day in October.

When the divers returned, we learned that there were lots of teeny, shrimp-like creatures (krill?) in mid water and many sand shrimp on the bottom, along with lots of skates and small lobsters wandering around.

We had sandwiches and chips to share with anyone who was hungry.  The Captain wolfed down olive loaf and Cheez-Its with glee. 

It was a great boating/diving day.

One Response to “Consensus”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Miss you guys. :o(

    New counter top coming on Saturday. Nothing else finished yet. Still not living there, but will be as soon as I have a sink….either a kitchen or bathroom one will do.

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