Copper Fever

We had had clouds/rain/drizzle/mist/fog all week and the weekend was forecasted to have brightening conditions.  Luckily, what wind there had been was only present for about 12 hours and it had been from a good direction: northwest.

Sure enough, the morning was bright but decidedly nippy.  Laurent declared he had had the season’s first frost on his windshield in Belmont.  Well, we were certainly going to be going south.  The only question was which site?  We put it to a vote among Linsley and Kevin Mordasky, their friend Juli, and Laurent.  They decided they wanted to go wreckin’ on the USF New Hampshire.

Since the breeze was from the west northwest, I was able to anchor right over the glory hole that Pete and Laurent had been mining all summer.  It was an interesting anchoring because the incoming tide was at odds with the prevailing wind, so we split the difference as to which way we swung.  Everyone was quick to get into the water.  Later, Pete told me it had been 52 degrees at 25 feet with about 15-20 feet of visibility.  There was only a little current sweeping west around the point of Graves Island. 

Pat, The Captain and I stayed dry and ate Pete’s chili to keep warm.  If you were in the shelter of the boat’s superstructure, the sun was quite pleasant.  But, if you ventured around the side of the cabin to the bow to check on divers and their bubbles, the wind cut right to the bone, sun or no sun.

Pete was the first to surface and negotiated on behalf of everyone for a second dive in the same place.  Then he grabbed his second tank and descended.  Then it was Laurent’s turn.  He gasped to the swim platform with his tank’s last breath and declared he NEEDED his second tank.  There was this spike that was only partially exposed and there really wouldn’t be any point in moving somewhere else for the second dive, would there?

When Linsley and Kevin surfaced, birthday boy Kevin’s sinuses and ears were complaining that he had a cold and really shouldn’t be diving at all, thank you very much.  Linsley was happy to have some chili to warm up and then dive again in the same spot.  When Juli surfaced, he was OK with that too.  What a great crowd!

Linsley said she’d seen lots of crabs and little lobsters watching the digging.  She even got into the act and then noticed a crab had come over to see what she was doing and looked like it was shielding its eyes with its crusher claw from the rain of debris she was causing.

Everyone came back with something – lobsters, curly square-headed nails, a Marksman medal, brass rings, brass clips, and truncated copper spikes stamped with a “U S” from Paul Revere’s foundry. 

Good copper country and great customers.

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