Graduation Day

The stars converged and we had three people who were finishing their programs with us today.  Tim Maxwell is the newest NAUI Instructor on the planet while  Charlotte and Paul Kelsey are the newest NAUI Scuba Divers.  We did this with Peter Donahue, Pat Walsh, The Captain and me at the wreck of the USF New Hampshire

Also along for the fun were Richard Brandolini and Laurent Dubois.  The latter two guys spent both dives groveling for goodies – and succeeded.  Both of them were wearing horse collar vests with large front pockets which were clinking as they climbed back aboard.

The water was not too cold and neither was the weather.  There was still a breeze from the northwest at about 10-15 knots.  It was 55 above the surface and 52 on the bottom at 30 feet.  There was between 5 and 15 feet of visibility with the incoming tide providing the best clarity on the bottom and close to the wreckage of the ship.  Once someone with treasure-hunting on their mind passed through, however, everything went down hill in a handbasket.  Dusty and sandy took over.

We saw tiny flounders and all kinds of crabs.  Charlotte held a lobster and her dad held two crabs.  Tim noticed three nudibranchs in the wreckage (probably because he knows what to look for, being, as he is, a participant in

The soup and Cheez-Its were ambrosia when you’re cold and hungry between dives.    Thanks, Pete.

Wonderful students and fun diving.

Congratulations everyone!

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