A Beautiful Summer Day

and it’s October 21st.

The sun was turned on brightly, but there was a still westerly breeze as we toured the Cape looking for calm water.  The temperature was predicted to top 70 degrees.  We decided to go north and see what we could find around Cathedral Rocks.

Jacki K. and her buddy, Andy, joined Laurent, Pete, Veronica, The Captain and me for one of our last charter days.  It really couldn’t have been much better.

Our first site was The Mole Hole – our name for the Sandy Bay side of Point de Chene in Rockport.  It is named for a feature on the rocky shore where a home-owner on Phillips Avenue has covered a pipe draining from his property in concrete.  The result is something that looks like a rock-eating mole has passed by.  The bottom was 28 feet, but I heard something about some people barreling out to 80 feet and the muddy bottom.  They said there was a Northern Red Anemone at 78 feet and a large sea raven on a rock, checking out the tourists that passed him by.  There were also lobsters to be had.  It was 52 degrees in the water with about 15 feet of visibility.

We moved over to the base of rocks near Pigeon Cove for the second site.  The Captain calls it Mitchell/Dodge Rocks, but I don’t think those features are really near where we typically anchor when he calls for that place.   I saw a school of pollack and some tiny sea ravens hiding in the weeds.  I also saw a lobster trap sail up as a lobsterman pulled his pots right between me and the boat with our dive flag.  I didn’t even hear him come in.  He didn’t hang around and I returned to the boat and stayed close by it videoing tiny critters when I could stabilize myself in the surge.  Again, it was about 15-20 feet of visibility and 52 degrees over the sandy patches on the bottom with visibility dropping over the rocks where there was more churned up stuff due to wave action.

On our trip back to the marina, we snacked on Veronica’s contribution to our healthy lifestyle.  Then we each ate one of Andy’s Polish donuts to balance out all that sensible stuff.

Great day with super people.

Too bad we’re almost done for the season.


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