None and Done

We drove around the cape on this, the morning of our last charter of the season.  It looked spectacular at Back Beach in Rockport, so we planned to go somewhere in Sandy Bay depending on what it looked like when we got there.

Well, we never got there.  It had been a fairly uneventful passage up from the mouth of Gloucester Harbor.  I just hugged the coast and let the northwest wind blow over the top of us.  I didn’t even need foul weather gear to be driving from the flying bridge.

What started off as a breeze at 8 AM was a roaring 25-30 by the time we rounded Lands End and were headed for the break between Straitsmouth Island and Gap Head in Rockport.  The wind had piled the water up at Gap Head so that it was 3-4 foot breakers at the Sandy Bay side of the shallows between the two masses of land.  The wind was driving the breakers’ spray up and over the flying bridge where Laurent was sitting in his full wetsuit.  He later said he had been having fun up there in the elements.  I called on Peter to drive it through from the lower station because I knew I’d be soaked by the time I did it from up top.

The Captain called it quits and had Peter make a careful U-turn so that we didn’t broach.  Then I climbed up and high-tailed it back the way we’d come.  No other dive site along the back shore looked worth the effort what with the surge from the southwest.  We were sorry the season had to end like this, but we had fun with Janet M., Paul Savageau, Bill Low, and Laurent.  Plus, we got Pete’s Chicken Noodle Surprise soup in the bargain.  The Captain was heard to exclaim, “Hey, there’s a big potato in my cup!”  Heh, heh.

There was a fishing boat with a stay sail making for home along the same path we were taking and it was being chased by hundreds of gulls.  I think he was cleaning his catch and they were savy to the fact that lunch might come whipping over the rail at any moment.  Janet M. took some amazing shots and we might get to post them if she emails them to me.

Pete took over again for the delicate manoever of docking in a heavy reverse wind.  All hands helped fend off and tie up.  Whew!

We had lots of help unloading Easy Diver and putting the winter-ready touches in place.  Now it’s just waiting for the hauling and shrink-wrapping.

It was a wonderful season, but now we’re off to DEMA and then Small Hope Bay Lodge in Andros, Bahamas, for some warm weather diving.

See you in the spring.

2 Responses to “None and Done”

  1. Veronica Atlantis Says:

    I knew it would be a rock & rolly day from what was happening on Salisbury beach in the morning. The pigeons were all hunkered down in their little alcoves. The last weekend I had a bird show I wanted to attend(another obsession) so I missed out .
    Dive session isn’t over, is it?

  2. phát tờ rơi giá rẻ Says:

    phát tờ rơi giá rẻ…

    […]None and Done « Easy Diver Trip Reports[…]…

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