Still Windy and Raw

Today, Saturday, May 10, was predicted to be rainy, as well as breezy. I wasn’t looking forward to another wet weekend, but the morning dawned without any rain.

So far, so good.

But the wind was beyond breezy. How about 20-30 from the North? Our return and re-docking would be a bear if we decided to go out at all. The Yankee Fleet boats had canceled their trips. No other boats were going out, it seemed.

We called off Joe F. and Richard B. who had booked in advance because we wanted them to have a good time and not regret the decision to dive with us.

However, the crew (Peter, Fred and Chris), Laurent Dubois, and a NAUI Instructor candidate, John B. decided we would go into the harbor for one dive just to get our feet wet. We knew it would be hard to find any calm water or any good visibility because it was going to be dead low tide.

Pete chose the spot because he was driving. It was Ten Pound Island. Murk city. Silt squared. John said the water temperature was 44 degrees at 24 feet.

I helped Pete move the anchor from its entanglement in a lobster line and he lost his fin in the sucking silt in the process. The cloud of dust that arose as we reset the anchor was a blackout. However, as I looked to my right, I saw two geysers of grey silt spout straight up into the water from the untouched sand. Clams protesting the noise? Sea worms agitated at the disturbance?

I stayed right where I was and hoped I could feel around to try to find Pete’s missing Force Fin. As the current gradually moved the silt away, I could see it gleaming in towards shore and raced him to get it. Lucky break.

Pete had already cooked soup before we hit the water so it was hot and ready when we got out. We were in for about 20 minutes and my hands were OK. John B. was in a wetsuit and had five finger gloves. He was frozen. Laurent found a pin hole leak in his DUI dry suit’s cuff. He described watching the “bloop, bloop” as bubbles escaped from his wrist. Not a good sign. However, his new video housing was dry inside and good to go with his new HD video camera inside on Sunday. We loaned him some Aquaseal to goop up the hole before tomorrow’s dive.

Docking was a bear.

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