Inside Kettle Island and Magnolia Harbor Heights

Sunday dawned bright, clear, and a little warmer. 62 degrees seems almost summery.

Bill Low and Laurent Dubois joined Pete, The Captain, and me for a trip to whatever calm water we could find.

There were low rollers coming in from the south east and the breeze was from the north. It made the inside of Kettle look heavenly. We suited up in the lee of the island from the rollers and watched the breeze swing around to the southwest. As we jumped in, the boat was swinging to accommodate the new wind direction. I checked the anchor and found it had adjusted itself. I love Danforth anchors.

I videoed little critters up in the rocks at Kettle. The visibility was still only about 10 feet and it was 44 degrees at the bottom at 25 feet. There were lots of hermit crabs, some with little limpet-like shells growing on their backs. Laurent found a grey lumpfish, but had left his camera on board to go lobstering. He also found a blue-eyed scallop. Again, no camera.

The Captain videoed right under the boat in his new 60cf tank and decided it was much heavier than his steel 70. He’ll be taking some weight off his belt.

Peter fixed my Fenzy’s automatic inflator bottle which, it turns out, was empty. I couldn’t get it to turn on during yesterday’s trip to Paddock Rock and had inflated my Fenzy by mouth while I waited for the boat to pick me up. Now I’m back in business.

The second dive was going to be somewhere protected between Kettle and home. With the new southwest wind, we didn’t have many options. We chose to anchor beside the lah-de-dah mansions on the bluff beside Magnolia Harbor. It was about 20 feet deep. There were skates and plenty of them here. I videoed one that let me get very close and one that looked old with greyish white patches on its back.

Pete’s Alphabet Vegetable Soup tasted marvelous because my legs were wet and cold. Seems I have cracks in the boots of my drysuit. Ted Barnes of Freedom Diving is going to get them replaced and lend me one of his rental drysuits while it’s being done. What a good guy he is.

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