Critter Country and West Kettle

Tom and Catie were back for more.  We also had Bill Low and Laurent Dubois.  Kathy Cardinale joined us as crew and bearer of “legal” lunch makin’s. 

I wanted to try to video the critters as Pete and Catie caught them.  We went back to what had been flounder city at the wreck of the USF NH just off Graves Island in Manchester.  The flounders weren’t coming out to play but lots of crabs and lobsters did.  Catie was fearless and let me video her with everything Pete could find to put in her mitt.  She also took her own underwater pictures and that was neat to watch.  15 years and 9 months.  Imagine if you or I had learned to scuba dive at that age.  We’d have had a chance to do so much more with that headstart.

The water had warmed considerably as the tide was dead low.  Visibility was about 10 feet.  Pete got 50 degrees at 25 feet.  It felt very comfortable to me.   Maybe that was because I was swimming hard to keep up with the video subjects.  I was wearing Tom’s Rocket Fins because he needed to use The Captain’s XXXL Force Fins so The Captain had to use my XXL Force Fins in his stocking dry suit feet.  It was a kind of round robin fin swap because Tom was practicing in his new dry suit from Freedom Diving in Gloucester.

Our second dive was at the western, deeper side of Kettle Island.  Peter and Catie and I again were critter hunting.  Catie even managed to follow Pete into a swim through at about 40 feet.  I tried to video them coming out, but misjudged the exit route.  They swam out right below me even though I had been following their bubbles carefully.  Oh, well.  Maybe next time.

Laurent found lobsters and noted the temperature was 42 degrees at 55 feet.  We had noticed a definite thermocline at about 25 feet with a terrific improvement in the 10 foot visibility below it.  I’d guess it was about 20 feet in the co-o-o-old water down there.

We saw Fran Linnehan’s boat Down Under with a full charter.  One of his customers needed a weight belt and we loaned him one of our extras with lots of extra lead, just in case.    It would have been a real sad day if a scuba diver had come all the way to Gloucester only to find they’d left their belt behind.  Happy to be able to help.

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