Flippin’ Urchins and Eastern Egg

Saturday was going to be the first good diving day of the season, according to the weatherman.  We’d had such a long, slow spring that a warming Memorial Day weekend trend was welcomed by everyone.

We had a full charter with Jacki K., Laurent Dubois, Tom and Catie Childress, and Billy and Cathy Myers.  Tom and Catie came all the way from Amherst, while Billy and Cathy came from Chicopee.  Jacki and Laurent are closer, but we appreciated the effort everyone made to get to us.

Because this was going to be 15 year old Catie’s first dive of the season, we picked a site she’d been to before – The Wreck of the New Hampshire.  Pete took her diving and they saw lots of critters.  She even got to hold a flounder in her hand. 

Then they went excavating and she found a spoon that looked like it was melting away with corrosion.  Pete called it the very spoon that Paul Revere had used to eat his corn flakes.  It looked every bit of that age.  Catie will take a picture of it and I’ll post that when I get it. 

Laurent took his new HD video camera and housing in to film urchins turning themselves right side up after having been placed gently on their backs by the cameraman.  I’d never seen them do this, but I knew they must have the capability otherwise storms would destroy them.  He posted the results of this effort on YouTube.  I’ll add the link when he sends it to me. They really look like they’re using those little legs to pull themselves over.

The second dive was at the east side of Egg Rock.  There’s a neat groove in the rocks at about 30 feet that runs the length of the rock.  The wind would blow and the sky would darken and we’d be riding the anchor hard.  Then the sky would brighten, the wind would slacken and we’d be enjoying the calmness of the moment.  Strange conditions.

The water was getting a little warmer.  Pete had 46 degrees at 30 feet at the USF NH and 44 degrees at 31 feet at Egg Rock.

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