Fun in Folly Cove

Memorial Day and what a memorable one it was.  Wind from the southwest at 10-20 sent us north for the first time this season.  We had Jon Bulman, Paul S., and Laurent Dubois along today.

As I pulled into Folly Cove the water flattened and cleared until we motored far in and dropped anchor at the graffiti we call A.R./E.R.  The anchor was on a sandy bottom in about 20 feet of water.  It looked crystal clear. 

We suited up right away and there were four video cameras in at once.  I saw a tiny nudibranch floating along in a piece of sea weed, some anemones, and friendly flounder around the anchor.  There was also a rock gunnel wrapped around the anchorline at about 5 feet off the bottom.  He floated free when he saw my camera approaching and swam straight towards the lens.  What a surprise.  Fish usually flee.

We made both dives from this one anchorage.  On the second one, Peter, Jon and Laurent went in search of new vistas and found lots of skates.  Peter caught one by hand and Laurent videoed the event.

The visibility was about 10 feet above the thermocline and about 15 feet below it.  The water temperature was 50 degrees on the surface and 45 at about 20 feet.

There was hot chili.

The ride back was easy even though the wind had built to 20-30 from the WSW.  The boat handled the chop easily.

Nice day.  Nice folks. 

A great start to the summer.

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