Tonnerre et Eclair

et pluie et vent were Laurent’s words for the weather we encountered today.  It all started with the vent – 20 mph from the wsw.  That, alone, sent us north after we filled up with diesel ($4.89/gallon) at the marina’s gas dock.  As we putt putted up the river, black clouds scudded overhead; and, as they passed, they gathered strength over Essex Bay.  That’s were we saw and heard the eclair and tonnerre.  Flashes of lightening and muffled thuds of thunder were under the clouds over the water.

We decided not to go too far and stopped just north of Plum Cove at a spot we call S & M.  That used to stand for the initials on the porches of two side-by-side summer houses overlooking the site.  Both are now under renovation, probably by new owners, because the initials are gone.  Nevertheless, it’s still S & M to us.

Pete and I were looking for video subjects as well as lobsters and crabs for his afternon work in Chinatown.  They’d specifically asked whether he ever caught crabs and we were trying to get them some.  The water was 22 feet deep and it was only 43 degrees.  Visibility was murky at 10 feet and the tide was falling.

We didn’t find anything worth taping and only three crabs.  Laurent, on the other hand, found a lumpfish to video and a lobster that was legal. 

As we were swimming back to the boat, I saw drops of pluie hitting the water in a steady rain.  Rats!

I drove home in my drysuit to keep from getting wet and cold.  Then the sun came out.  I’d forgotten to bring a hat and got too much sun on my face.  Sunburn on a cloudy, windy, rainy day?

Yup, we had a little bit of everything today.

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