Lump Land

One of my favorite critters is the lumpfish.  Today we visited Lumpfish Land.

There were Larry Finer, Laurent Dubois and Bill Low on board as well as Pete, The Captain and me.  We were sweating at the dock in 80 degree sun, but as we exited the Blynman Bridge, the temperature dropped twenty degrees when we encountered the WSW wind.  What a relief!

The best place seemed to be behind Kettle Island, out of the swells from the southeast.  I anchored in about 30 feet.  As we suited up, I told everyone I was interested in videoing any lumpfish they found and to keep their eyes peeled for them.  Well, they sure found plenty.  At least three, maybe six.  I got to video one that was mostly grey except for pinkish, red fins and pale pink cheeks.  He was guarding an egg mass, but wasn’t stuck onto a rock with his belly’s sucker.  He could move if he wanted to.

Laurent got video of one in 55 feet, in a ghost lobster trap, sharing digs with an eel pout.  It was 41 degrees from about 30 feet down to his 55 feet.  The visibility was great down there – 20 feet or so.  It was much worse in the shallows – about 10 feet.

We made both dives at this place because we saw skates, flounder, lumpfish, eel pouts and lobsters.  Everyone seemed to have a good time and got warmed up by two batches of Pete’s soup.

The tide was going out and we were able to squeak under the bridge on the way home without them having to raise it.  I made Pete drive, because it was going to be close.  I get too stressed to drive if it’s a close call.  We made it, of course. 

Nice people. 

Great weekend.

One Response to “Lump Land”

  1. Veronica Atlantis Says:

    I am totally jealous! (seeing all those lumpfish)I can’t wait to get out to dive…sigh….
    too many dogs… not enough time……

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