Misty, Moisty, and Then Gorgeous

They were predicting wonderous warmth today, but this morning seemed anything but warm.  It was misty and foggy as we sat drinking our Dunkin’ Donuts’ coffee at Magnolia Beach.  We couldn’t even see Kettle Island from the little parking lot.  And it was cold – 58 degrees. 

We took a drive up to Folly Cove to see if the fog extended across the whole island.  It didn’t.  Folly was going to be perfect.

The sun broke through the wisps of fog as we loaded Kevin and Linsley Mordasky, Karen and Pat Hatcher, and Laurent Dubois.  Kathy Cardinale and Pat Walsh were aboard as crew, as were Peter Donahue,  The Captain and I.  The Cape Ann Marina is being retooled now that the Yankee Fleet has gone and we saw the owner, Andy Dominic, using the workboat and towing a hunk of metal out of the way of the new docks being put in place.

The first dive site was on the west side of Folly Cove, just off Calf Cove.  Everyone suited up quickly because there was no breeze yet and it was getting hot.  I sank to the bottom and found The Captain at the anchor, filming the friendly flounder who arrive when you stir up the bottom.  I learned later that it was 53 degrees at about 25 feet.  The visibility was about 15 feet and the tide was coming in.

Everyone did great and we were happy to have such a calm, pleasant place to dive.  We motored across the cove to the wall near the Lobster Pool restaurant.  Here was deeper water and it was down to 50 degrees at 50 feet, according to Pete.  Laurent filmed a lobster molting while Peter and I looked for a northern red anemone that had held the same place for two seasons.  It was gone this year.  The visibility was super at 35 feet – about 20 feet.  The colder water was clearer.

I saw one tiny anemone standing tall and proud on the top of a triangular boulder.  It was the only one around.  Laurent videoed one that was closed but had a little baby next to it that was open.  There are certainly fewer than we’ve seen in previous years.  There were lots of sea peaches and a tiny sea raven and some bigger flounder.  The edge of the wall had several abandoned, crushed ghost lobster traps.  Linsley saw lots of baby cunner and two medium-sized nudibranchs in the spaces between the blocks of the wall.

I surfaced to find the boat directly overhead.  It had swung at anchor and it was an easy swim to get back.  Hot chicken noodle soup tasted great.

The wind was non-existant in Folly Cove except for a few cat’s paws of breeze.  There was more as we got close to the marina, but Kathy was up for docking the boat.  She succeeded to the applause of all aboard.

Great day.  Nice people.  Super weather. 

What could be more fun?


One Response to “Misty, Moisty, and Then Gorgeous”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Nothing could be more fun, that’s what!

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