Blisteringly Hot

We don’t get many 90+ degree days up here in Gloucester in June.  But, when we do, they are both a blessing and a curse.  It’s been so long in coming that we look forward to the heat, but the reality of getting into a dry suit when there’s not a breath of a breeze and the sun is high is hellish.  The Captain wore his DUI today without any fuzzies to keep him warm once he sank to the bottom at Kettle Island’s west side.  That’ll teach him.  He froze even though the water was 50 degrees at 30 feet.

Some of the rest of us, Laurent Dubois and I, were working with two students, Brenna Bounds and Mike Baker, on the little beach on Kettle Island.  Diane Kelleher was helping out as crew on the boat and snorkeling alongside us as we taught the beginners the first few things they needed to know in order to scuba dive.  It was hot, but bearable because I was wearing my drysuit without hood or gloves.  Laurent was doing all the scuba skills as demonstration.  He helped a lot.

The rest of the customers along with Peter Donahue were with The Captain and the boat in deeper water.  Peter Kelsey, Richard Brandolini, and Joe Finkhouse were sight-seeing and practicing with their drysuits, respectively.  There were many comments about the warm water and the beautiful colors of the underwater boulders and fish there.

For the second dive, we went to Divers’ Leap and anchored in 21 feet.  The students did a great job of using the downline to descend and clear their ears for the first time.  As we swam around under the boat, Mike and I saw an eel pout, a big, red sea raven with gold flecks in its eyes, several lobsters, a moon snail, lots of sand dollars, and ricochet flounders who took off like a shot as we swam over them.  There was plenty to keep the students interested and absorbed in their new environment.

As the Divers’ Leap episode ended, Peter Donahue went back for more sea weed to dry and bring to a friend who uses it for tea.  Yuk.  I had inadvertently thrown away the pile he was drying in his lobster bag overnight from yesterday.  I thought it was forgotten insulation for lobsters going to his friends.  Oops. 

Now we’re going to have to go back to work tomorrow and endure 95+ temperatures in the city instead of on the cool ocean. 

A blisteringly hot day with good people and fun friends.

What more could you ask for?

2 Responses to “Blisteringly Hot”

  1. Veronica Atlantis Says:

    I can’t wait to get in the water. ARGGGH! Perhap I can take some of these dogs and put snorkle gear on them? ha! It was a blistering hot day on sunday at the MFRS fund raisng event in Newburyport.Not many people showed up at the event due to the heat. I think all the smart people were out SCUBA DIVING that day! 🙂

  2. Terence – scuba Florida Says:

    Scuba diving is all about having fun and it sounds like this is what you had. I tought we had it hot but it sounds like you had it hotter 🙂

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