J & J

We had two folks with us today who were referred by Bob Evans, the designer and maker of Force Fins. John wanted to try them out and Bob replied to his online post recommending us. He knew we had a bouquet of Force Fins lining the cabin and that everyone who comes on board is encouraged by Fred to try them out. Did you know he’s a spokes-captain for them?

Julia wanted to gain more experience after having been certified last summer. She’d never been on a boat dive either. I decided we’d go back to Folly Cove because she would need calm water and clear conditions to get started right.

I set the anchor in 20 feet and we descended the downline easily. Then we turned towards the wall and swam along the place where it meets the sand. We saw flounder, hermit crabs, anemones, lobsters, and a moon snail. I had to return to the boat before Julia and John did because I’d only gone in with 1/2 a tank. They were fine going together for another little swim along the rocks, so Peter set them off again.

The water was 61 degrees on the surface and 59 degrees on the bottom. The tide hadn’t turned and started in yet. The Captain could get no flounder interested in having their pictures taken.

Our second dive was across the cove at the Lobster Pool restaurant.  This time I anchored in about 25 feet over boulders and jumbled, broken, granite blocks that hadn’t made it onto the barge from the quarry on Halibut Point.  The water was a little clearer with about 15 feet of visibility, but the tide had started in and it was easily 20 feet in the cold, 52 degree water at 50 feet, according to Laurent and Peter.  They were looking for lobsters.  We aimed John and Julia over to the beautiful wall that had lots of green sea lettuce and little fish, according to Julia.

We had a great day and missed the thunderstorms as they massed north of us.

Nice people.

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