Did You Say BLUE Lobsters?

Tom and Catie Childress joined us from Amherst, MA.  They brought a chocolate cake that Catie had made to share with everyone because Tom’s 60th birthday had been last Wednesday, July 3rd.  What great customers!  They come bearing food!

The first dive was at Bemo Ledge.  It was 25 feet deep and 59 degrees up in the surgey shallows, according to Peter.  Catie, Tom and I found a too-big lobster under a rock and were amazed at how big the white bumps were on its claws.  They looked like acorns.  Catie and I looked for critters to video/photograph.  We found crabs, lobsters, and flounders.  There was a current running, so we swam into it and thus east.   The ride back to the boat was quick because the tide was helping us.

Now, about those blue lobsters.  We had anchored near Cape Ann Divers’ big boat at the mouth of Brace Cove for our second dive.  It was about 17 feet deep.  Pete and Laurent went in first.  By the time Catie and I were getting into the water, Pete was back with an unusual lobster to show us.  It had a definite blue color to its shell, especially at its joints.  I hope the video does it justice. 

Later, on the boat, Tom said he had seen and held four more, although none were big enough to keep.  Pete found a sandy patch where little fish disappeared under the surface as we approached.  He used his long lobster probe to dislodge them for the benefit of the camera.  I think they were eel-like critters, but they swam away so fast as they were disturbed, I couldn’t tell for sure.

As usual, Catie did wonderfully well.  She is a fearless, gentle holder of anything she finds on the bottom.  That helps me take its picture.

We shared marble birthday cake with chocolate frosting and red sprinkles and pronounced it a great day, even though the sun never really came out.

At least it didn’t rain.

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