Finally, a Nice, Warm, Nearly Windless Summer Day

And it was on a weekend.  What bliss. 

We were looking forward to having Larry Finer with us today, but learned from Al Ferzoco that he’d been hurt at work on Friday afternoon.  He’s at MGH, with severe burns and several broken bones, in a medically induced coma.  Our thoughts are with him and Janine.   Please send some healing  vibrations his way.  We miss him and are wishing him a speedy recovery. 

The plan was to take Candace, Al and Pam’s daughter, for an introduction to scuba at the little beach on Kettle Island.  We talked Pam into getting into the inflatable as well.  She sat on the beach, taking pictures, as Pat Walsh and I worked with Candy.  That went very well and she was scuba-ing up and down the beachfront by the end of two hours.  The rest of the crew were at the southwestern point of Kettle Island for their regularly-scheduled program.  There, Kathy Cardinale tried Pete’s DUI drysuit and declared herself warm enough in it. 

Laurent reported he’d seen a sea raven trying to eat a flounder – sideways.  The flounder didn’t seem too concerned and wasn’t struggling.  Where’s the video camera when you need it?

Our second dive was at Divers’ Leap.  This time, Laurent and Al went their separate ways – kinda, sorta looking for lobsters.  Tim Maxwell and Pat were just sight-seeing.  Candy and I were on the surface, watching the action below.  When she got tired of swimming, we climbed back into the boat for Pam’s sandwiches.  What a tasty treat to have the customers bring food that they share with everyone.  There were even chocolate chip cookies.

I finished off Candy’s tank under the boat and found a huge hermit crab in a moon snail’s cast off shell.  When I brought it up to show, everyone was suitably impressed that it proceeded to come almost completely out of its shell on the deck.  It didn’t seem to be too stressed by the adventure of being “captured by aliens.”  Pat and Candy reported that the tail part of its body was slender and worm-like in contrast to its big claws in the front.  It had blue-green eyes on stalks with a reddish carapace and pincers.

The water was in the high 60s at Kettle Island beach.  It was 51 at 30 feet at the point at Kettle.  The tide had turned and was coming in.  I could see the thermocline at Divers’ Leap and it was co-o-o-old below it.  Visibility was about 20 feet on the first dive and about 15 feet at the bottom on the second.

In total, it was a beautiful day with nice people.

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