Gorgeous Gullys and Beautiful Boulders

The day was going to be iffy, that was for sure.  The weatherman predicted afternoon thunderstorms.  It was foggy at 8 AM overlooking Magnolia Harbor.  Not terrible, thick, pea soup fog, but rather wispy light fog.  The humidity was oppressive, but the air was 75 degrees.  We drove all around the cape, looking for the best conditions.  It wasn’t until we were actually driving south with a boat full of customers and crew that I decided on the southwest corner of Kettle Island as being the best site.

We had Kevin and Linsley Mordasky, Pat and Karen Hatcher, Joe Finkhouse, and Laurent Dubois with Kathy Cardinale, Veronica Atlantis, Pat Walsh, Peter Donahue and me as crew.  The Captain gave us our marching orders.

I anchored as close to the steep cliff at Kettle’s southwest side as I could.  The tide was coming in and I didn’t want anyone to get into any current if I could help it.  The depth meter said 47 feet and quickly climbed to 27 feet as Pete dropped the Danforth.  We swung out and turned a little to point southeast.  It was going to be a great site.

We all were quick to get into the water even though the sky was overcast and hazy, with no blistering sun like yesterday.  Pete reconfigured my wire buckles on the backpack and the 16 pound belt he was loaning me to better fit my Mares semi-dry and it felt wonderful to be so snug in the equipment again.

Linsley and Kevin found some gear that some other diver had lost at the site earlier this season.  I found a lobster bag with three legal lobsters in it which I donated to Joe Finkhouse.  Laurent did very well on his hunt, as did Peter.

By popular vote, we decided to stay at the same site for the second dive.  Everyone was raving about the 20 foot visibility even though the temperature was 48 degrees at 48 feet, according to Pete.

I swam close to the island and found the undercut area that had had many tests from dead sea urchins when I last swam through it.  Today it was full of kelp and seaweed shreds and at least three, crushed lobster traps.  It felt like I was swimming in the blue hole at Andros when I was there.   The same overhead light and looming sides of rock occur at both sites.  i felt weightless and sleek as I glided through the cut, down a steep gully, and out and over the boulders back to the anchor line.

The day ended at The Gull Restaurant as we celebrated Pat Walsh’s birthday in grand style.

I’m stuffed from the salmon and strawberry shortcake.

A wonderful end to a great diving day.


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