Egg Rock and Norman’s Woe Rock

The sea was unsettled and, with virtually no wind at all, the boat rocked a lot when we anchored at any site on the south shore today. Nevertheless, I picked the deep side of Egg Rock for the first dive because I wanted a chance for clear water after a week’s worth of rainy days. It was only so-so. The water temperature was 50 degrees at 50 feet, but in the high 60s on the surface. We had Dan Turner, Al Ferzoco, Laurent Dubois, and Jacki K. with Pat, Pete, me, and The Captain onboard.

I saw a decorator crab in an abandoned lobster trap at about 50 feet. He was only visible because his white claw-tip was poking up through the rope webbing on this old wooden structure. I gently tapped on the back of his carapace and he came out to see what was going on. I always marvel at how much is growing on their backs and this one was adorned magnificently. Of course, no two are exactly alike and Eggy had a brownish tendril of sea weed growing off the tip of his pointed “nose.” It wafted in the current and looked very spiffy.

Everyone was glad to see how much there was to admire at this site even though the visibility and surge near the surface was minimal.

Our second site was for the lobsterers. Norman’s Woe Rock is near the mouth of Gloucester Harbor. It often yields lots for the hunters among us. Today it was very warm and surgy. Laurent even went swimming in just his bathing suit. He’s a hardy Frenchman, of course.

We had fun.

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