West Kettle and Wreck of the USF New Hampshire

The day was forecast to be cloudy with rain in the PM. Another damp weekend. Darn.

But we had nice customers – Janet McCausland and Mark Paul, Darron Burke, Laurent Dubois, and Pat Walsh’s niece, Maggie. The crew was Peter Donahue, Pat, and me. The Captain maintained a tight ship. The trip down to Kettle Island included a slow circumnavigation of it for video purposes. We anchored at the deep wall on the west side of the island in about 50 feet of water. This is a beautiful site with lots of fish and critters to video. The bottom is sandy spaces between boulders and the slope is toppled boulders with trenches, gullies, and a swim through or two.

The tide was coming in and there was a noticeable thermocline at about 15 feet. The surface water was in the high 60s and it was 50 degrees at 50 feet. Cunners were everywhere and very curious about the dome lens on my camera housing. Their google-eyed posing and snaggle-toothed grins were fun to watch. In the beginning, they always dove for cover when I exhaled. After a few minutes of that dance, they got bolder and bravely advanced to check out their “rival” in the lens. There were no lunges or attacks, but there was definite curiousity in their fishy little brains.  Here’s a photo from Flickr that highlights their need for orthodontia:

I also saw a solitary black sea bass and several striped bass in the shallows. They are too elusive and quick to video these days. Maybe I’ll bet one later in the season when they’re fatter and slower.

The second dive was at the Wreck of the USF New Hampshire off Graves Island. We’d stuffed Maggie in my Mares wetsuit and she was swimming around the boat, climbing into and flipping out of the inflatable, swimming around the boat, climbing into the boat, jumping off the swim platform and swimming around the stern. Then, with Laurent as a ringleader, there was lots of jumping off the flying bridge and more swimming around the stern. Such energy in an 11 year old. I’d forgotten how much they resemble those pronging antelope who just jump right up into the air in sheer joy and youthfulness. That was Maggie on Saturday, August 2, 2008.

We ended the day at Jacki K’s for a tasty cookout/eat-in as the rains came.

2 Responses to “West Kettle and Wreck of the USF New Hampshire”

  1. David Says:

    Darron Burke, my friend from Cafe Don Pabloin Miami, FL.?

    Please advise.

  2. Veronica Atlantis Says:

    Neat photo of the cunner!

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