Thacher Island and Loblolly Cove

It was a very lovely and warm summer day.  We had Jeff Croll of Sandwich and Laurent Dubois as customers with Kathy Cardinale, Pat Walsh, Peter Donahue and me for crew.  The Captain kept a sharp eye out.  The little bit of breeze was from the southwest so I decided Thacher Island would be a good destination for our first dive.  It was.

Here’s an aerial view of the island:

Thacher Island with Its Twin Lights

Thacher Island with Its Twin Lights








I anchored between the dead light, the northern one, and the boat landing for the island in about 30 feet of water.  In the picture, we’d be on the far left, at about 10 o’clock.

The water looked very, very brown.  It wasn’t that surprising given we’d had about a week of rain.  However, once you descended below the brown layer to about 20 feet, the visibility went from 2 feet to 20 feet.  The tide was coming in to high and the water was 62 degrees at 40 feet.  Visibility varied according to where you were, but averaged a good 15-20 below the brown layer.  Critters were out and about, marching along as though it were midnight.  They’re nocturnal you know.

I took video of Laurent videoing and hunting.  It was so-so.  I have to work on getting moving action centered in the frame.  Thank goodness we can come home to Magnolia and review the footage right away to find out how we did.  It was very unusual to see the brown kelp and tan Irish moss in the light filtering down to 20 feet.  The whole scene was awash with golden light and everthing seemed to glow yellow-gold.  The closer I got to the surface, the more glinting the surroundings became.  It was magical, not a visibility disaster as we’d feared. 

For the second dive, I moved to a more protected area at the southern edge of Loblolly Cove.  There were still low ocean rollers moving in, but the boat seemed to lie more calmly here than it had been at Thacher.  The bottom was strewn with huge boulders and sandy patches.  We saw a group of divers approaching us from the shore.  They had a long swim to the 40 feet of water where I’d anchored us.  But the water was warm here too.  63 at 30 feet, according to Pete.  Visibility was better because there was no brown water layer here at all.  It was 20 feet of visility all the way from the surface to the bottom. 

Laurent got some interesting footage of Peter foraging:

Peter Lobstering

Peter Lobstering







and a beautiful shot looking up at the sun’s rays entering the water around a surface swimmer next to the boat:

Diver on the Surface

Diver on the Surface

We’re going to try to recreate this one again tomorrow to make the shot longer and steadier.






Fun day.

3 Responses to “Thacher Island and Loblolly Cove”

  1. DUBOIS Jean-Paul Says:

    Good morning to all and all. It is with a big interet that I am your explois in diving since France, and trés impatiant to see every time the photographs which were taken and to read the articles who bring back there. (especially those or my frére apparait)
    I plan to make trip in some time to return me in your region and to use it so that you make me decouvrir your marine funds…
    With an equipe as your, I am sure of etre wholly there securité.
    Good continuance in all.
    Excuse me for translation, but I am void in Englishman, but I think that Laurent will be able to help you to translate my message.

    DUBOIS Jean-Paul

    PS: Thanks to the Captain of the EASY DIVER for its reponse by mail the 16/08/2008

  2. DUBOIS Jean-paul Says:

    Bonjour à tous et toutes. C’est avec un grand interet que je suis vos explois en plongée depuis la France ,et trés impatiant de voir à chaque fois les photos qui ont été prises et de lire les articles qui s’y rapportes. ( surtout celles ou mon frére apparait )
    Je prévois de faire le voyage dans quelque temps pour me rendre dans votre region et en profiter pour que vous me fassiez decouvrir vos fonds marins…
    Avec une equipe comme la votre ,je suis certain d’etre tout à fait en securité.
    Bonne continuation à tous.
    Excusez moi pour la traduction ,mais je suis nul en Anglais ,mais je pense que Laurent pourra vous aider à traduire mon message.

    DUBOIS Jean-Paul

    PS: Merci au Capitaine de l’EASY DIVER pour sa reponse par mail le 16/08/2008

  3. Veronica Atlantis Says:

    Nice shots Laurent!

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