They were a treasure-seeking bunch. Deb Greenhalgh and her friends Fred Ward, Pat, and Loretta wanted to see the site and look for spikes, nails, keys, bullet casings, and all the other stuff that still waits on the wreck of the USF New Hampshire. Joe Finkhouse and LD were game for going anywhere. Pete and I were crew. The Captain looked aloft.

As it turned out, there was pretty decent visibility of about 10-15 feet until the excavation started. Small lobsters were out and about everywhere. Joe found two over-sized eggers in holes alongside Graves Island’s west shore. The wind was only a stiff breeze from the northwest and there were few other boaters out on Labor Day. The water was warm enough for me to go swimming after I stripped off my wetsuit. That would be about 62 on the surface. It was colder on the bottom at high tide, though. Probably about 55.

After two dives on the site, everyone was comparing their swag. LD had a spike, a key with a patent date on it of 1898, and some spike pieces that happened to have the “US” stamp from Paul Revere’s foundry on them. Pete found a Marksman’s medal plate. The customers found crumpled pieces of copper sheathing that still had sheathing nails in them.

We made the return trip in fine shape and used spring lines to get into the slip with no fuss in a steady 20 knot reverse wind. We looked sharp doing it too.

Then there was Pete’s annual Labor Day cookout in Waltham.

I was almost looking forward to going back to work after three days of playing on the boat and two dives a day. There might be a thing known as too much fun.

I’d know it if I saw it.

Hey, what was that?

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