What Great Fun!

We had a super, fun-filled day today, despite what the weatherpersons predicted. 

It dribbled a little bit as we got up, but cleared by the time we’d circled the cape looking for the best site.  It was going to be north – somewhere.  With Bryan Harper, Seth Rosen, Tim Maxwell, and LD on board and Pete and me as crew, we were going to have a relaxing and enjoyable day.  As we pulled into Essex Bay, I could see not a ripple.  There were several large boats off in the distance towards the Isles of Shoals, but no one moving nearer shore.  I guess everyone listened to JC Monahan.  We powered along towards Lanesville and couldn’t see the green can outside Plum Cove.  It was gone.  Hum.  Of course, the tide was rising and would be high by the time we were in the water, but still.  Where was this important aid to navigation?  It was the second time this summer it had gone missing.

I pulled into the little cove next to the Lobster Pool restaurant in Rockport and set anchor in about 20 feet of water.  Then a little breeze started in from the north east and we swung 180 degrees.  Now, when Tim jumped in, he was able to stand on a rock and adjust his mask right off the swim platform.  It’s neat how the rocks in this place come close to the surface, but we don’t care.  The divers went off the explore and hunt while The Captain and I kept watch.  

After they returned, we heard that Pete and Bryan had excellent visibility at the deepest point of the rock wall.  They reported they could see the rocks above the surface from the bottom at about 40 feet.  Tim found a brittle star out and about.  The water was 52 degrees, but very clear.

For our second dive, I chose Lanesville Shores, just off the cemetery.  This proved to be a wonderful site because there were lots of dogfish milling about.  They are called dogfish because they hunt in packs.  LD took video from which I grabbed frames:

Small dogfish off Lanesville

Small dogfish off Lanesville

There were lots of them right under the boat – maybe twenty or thirty.  Pete and Bryan swam further away and were in the midst of a school.  Pete, the mathemetician, counted them in tens and later told us there were about a thousand of them, passing on both sides of the two divers.  I think that the tide had just started to go out and they were gathering to fish for their dinners in the ebb.  Here’s another great shot:

More of the dogfish gathering in groups

More of the dogfish gathering in groups

We all scrambled to see as many of them as we could.  They looked marvelous and swam effortlessly around us.  Here’s another angle:

Even more dogfish gathering

Even more dogfish gathering

Tim Maxwell saw a yellow sea raven and a torpedo ray that followed him as he swam along.

On the way back to the marina, we saw the green can in its regular position.  It was half-way submerged.  I think it has a chain that is too short and when the tide is high enough, it is dragged beneath the surface.  I’m just glad I didn’t run over it on the way out.

In summary, this certainly qualifies as a banner day for the variety of critters we saw, the lack of other boats on the water, and the fine weather.

2 Responses to “What Great Fun!”

  1. Veronica Atlantis Says:

    grrrrrr! I am sooo jealous!

  2. Kathy Says:

    Wow…that’s awesome! I’m sorry I missed it! Stupid weather people.

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