Not So Much

It was drizzling when we awoke.  The wind was calm, though, so we were going to go back to try to find the sharks again.  Our only customer was LD and he was happy to try to video more of them. The crew was Peter and me with The Captain riding herd on all of us.

Today, the tide was still coming in.  As I dropped to the bottom at about 35 feet, right under the boat, I saw three or four dogfish circling.  They came close to take a look at me as I fiddled with the video camera.  I think they knew that I hadn’t gotten my act together yet.  Then, as I brought the camera to my eye to look through the view finder, they made a final pass and left.  Just like that.  Maybe someone had rung the sharky dinner bell further out to sea.

Peter came by with a bright yellow sea raven for me to shoot.  Its eyes had iridescent greenish sparkles that reflected what little light there was down there.  Its back spines were dark black and upraised in indignation.  It sat still for one nanosecond when Peter placed it on the bottom and then scooted off stage.  Maybe I can resurrect a still shot out of the sequence, but I don’t think I got enough footage of it for the movie.

The water was 56 degrees on the bottom with the air in the middle 60s.  It was overcast and spitting rain intermittently.  We decided to call it after one dive and head for home.

I drove the boat back to the marina in my wetsuit because I was loathe to take it off in the chill.  I think that’s my last time diving wet for the season.

It was still fun, just not as much fun as yesterday.

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