Last Few Crumbs in the Cookie Jar

It was sunny today.  And not too cold.  There were even periods where I was hot enough to take off my sweatshirt.  The breeze was mild and variable.  The air was in the high 50s.

We had to go north because the Blynman Bridge is out of commission in the closed position for two weeks while they repair it.  The air was clear as we exited the Annisquam River into Essex Bay.  We could see the black and white mounds of the nuclear power plant in Seabrook, NH, on the northern horizon. 

I tried to go around Halibut Point, but the seas were breaking all along the eastern edge of Cape Ann, so I turned around and headed to the rocky point north of the restaurant at Folly Cove.  I anchored in about 50 feet of water and we let out absolutely all of the anchor line.  The tide had just turned and eddies of it were pushing us against the rocky wall.  Crew member Kathy Cardinale was in charge of keeping us off that wall while we suited up.  When she got to the large ball at the end of the line, we deployed the inflatable against the sea wall as a bumper.  Then the wind changed direction a bit and we moved away from the wall just enough.

The Captain, Peter, and LD were working with Seth Rosen, while Jacki K. and Andy were sight-seeing.  The visibility was pretty bad at about 5-10 feet.  Even far into shore behind the wharf’s protection, it only improved to about 10 feet.  The waves had been pounding this side of the  island earlier in the week and this foggy water was their legacy.  Luckily, the water wasn’t too cold at about 58 degrees, even at 40 feet.

For the second dive, I moved us to Lanesville Shores where we had seen lots of dogfish last weekend.  With Peter’s assistance, we anchored in exactly the same place according to the lavender and grey lobster float that was near by.  The visibility was still about 10 feet, but got a little better in among the rocks close to shore.  There were no sharks to be seen.  Not even one.

Kathy drove us back into the marina and even docked the boat.  Yeah!

It was one of those days that makes you think there aren’t going to many more diving episodes in the season.  Crew member, Veronica, calls it licking your finger and picking up the crumbs in the chocolate chip cookie bag. 

You just want it to last forever.

2 Responses to “Last Few Crumbs in the Cookie Jar”

  1. Jean-Paul DUBOIS Says:

    Bonjour à toutes et tous. Véronica a raison d’aimer le chocolat ,c’est un excelent anti-stress. Mais un trés bon chocolat noir Suisse avec une flute de champagne rosé c’est exquis et 100% extra. Un pur bonheur et detente garantis apres une journée de plongée ,histoire de continuer à faire des bulles ,mais à la surface…
    Salut à tous.

  2. Kathy Says:

    Just incase no one knows what Jean-Paul is saying, here’s a translation:

    “Hello everyone. Veronica, you are a ravishing beauty and I agree that chocolate is an excellent anti-stresser, however, 100% pure Swiss chocolate with a flute of champagne is exquisite. Maybe not while diving, but certainly when back on dry land. By the way, all of the women of Easy Diver are extraordinary beauties. You would all make marvelous centerfolds!

    Cheers to you all, you rocking beauties of Easy Diver!”

    Or something like that. He also mentions how Kathy is an awesome captain, who puts Peter’s docking skills to shame. It’s in the middle part there somewhere.

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